Harrison Ford visits bike shop in Hampton Wick

  Posted: 11.06.21 at 13:21 by Ellie Brown

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Harrison Ford, star of Indiana Jones and Star Wars, recently dropped into a bike store in Hampton Wick, just over Kingston bridge, to the amazement of staff and customers.

The Hollywood legend, 78, has been filming Indiana Jones in the North of England but took a break out of his busy schedule to visit Sigma Sports on Wednesday (9 June) this week.

Ford, accompanied by his security, looked around the shop for an hour and later posed for a photo with Sigma Sports co-founder Ian Whittingham.

Assistant manager Emma, who has been working at the shop for 8 years, welcomed Ford into the store.

She said that she had no warning of the visit.

“Somebody came upstairs and told me Harrison Ford was in the building, I couldn’t believe it!"

The Hampton Wick Sigma Sports bike shop

She added: “It was very important for us to respect his privacy - to treat him like anybody else.

"We were very careful not to overstep the mark.

“He is an avid cyclist and was recommended to us by another company.

"He spent about an hour looking around and did buy some of our products.

"Our staff looked after both him and his security."

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Asked what Ford was like, she said: “He had no airs or graces for somebody as recognisable as him - he’s Hollywood royalty!

“He was wearing a mask, so was quite anonymous.

"He was very charming, very charismatic. Our staff were really taken with him.

“He had a glint in his eye.”

Sightings of Ford made headlines this week as the Hollywood star is filming for Indiana Jones 5 in the North East of England.

Ford and Whittingham posed for a photo outside the shop

Ford likes to go cycling during his time off and has been seen in full cycle gear in North Shields, Northumberland and areas near Newcastle.

He recently told a young fan he was 'Indiana Jones' stunt double,' after being spotted in Grosmont, North Yorkshire, on Wednesday.

But this is the first time he has been seen in South West London.

Asked what makes Sigma Sports different from other cycling shops, Emma said: “Our customer service.

“It’s important for us to welcome everybody, from novice cyclists to experts.

“We’re all about the customer.”

Keep your eyes peeled as the avid cyclist may soon be back for more gear...

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