Is it time to make the switch? What to consider before investing in a new electric car

By Nub News Reporter

16th May 2024 | Advertisement Features

New technology means electric vehicles are more mainstream than ever. (Photo: Oliver Monk)
New technology means electric vehicles are more mainstream than ever. (Photo: Oliver Monk)

Considering an upgrade to your vehicle soon?

The choice between a familiar petrol or diesel engine and an electric vehicle (EV) is becoming increasingly significant. As EV technology progresses and becomes more integrated into the mainstream, potential buyers are curious whether this switch aligns with their lifestyle and budget. 

This decision is not only about adapting to new technology; it's also about understanding the benefits and addressing the practicalities of EV ownership.

Keep reading as we delve into the essential factors you need to consider, from the costs and infrastructure to the day-to-day experience of driving an EV in the UK. 

What You Need to Know About EVs 

EVs represent a significant shift towards more sustainable transport.

Essentially, EVs are vehicles powered by electric motors instead of internal combustion engines. There are two main types: battery electric vehicles (BEV), which run solely on batteries, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), which combine battery power with conventional fuels.

Transitioning to an EV can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint as these vehicles emit far less pollution than their petrol or diesel counterparts. 

The Real Costs Of Owning An Electric Car 

When considering an electric car, looking beyond the sticker price is essential. T

he UK government offers various incentives that can lower purchase costs, such as grants for new electric vehicles and reductions in road tax.

Operating an EV generally costs less than traditional cars because electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel per mile. EVs require less routine maintenance since they have fewer moving parts. 

Charging Infrastructure In The UK 

Many would-be EV drivers are concerned about access to charging stations, especially on journeys in unfamiliar areas. (Photo: Unsplash)

Understanding the charging infrastructure is a key factor in deciding whether to switch to an electric car.

The UK is steadily improving its network of public charging stations. If you're considering an EV, explore the availability of charging points along your regular routes and any locations you frequently visit.

Many EV owners install a charging station at home, which is convenient and often allows overnight charging at a lower cost. Assessing the availability and charging facilities near your home or workplace can significantly ease the transition to electric vehicle ownership. 

Deciding What To Do With Your Old Car 

Switching to an electric vehicle also requires a decision about your existing petrol or diesel car. Trading it in at a dealership is a straightforward option that can reduce the upfront cost of your new EV.

Additionally, consider an option like Recycling Monkey to take your old car off your hands. 

Range, Performance, And Practicality 

One of the primary concerns for first-time EV buyers is often the vehicle's range. Recent advancements mean many new models can travel significantly farther on a single charge, which is suitable for city commutes and longer journeys.

When selecting an EV, consider how the range aligns with your driving habits.

Performance-wise, electric cars are known for their quick acceleration thanks to the instant torque provided by electric motors. 

Making The Transition 

Prepare for the transition once you've decided on an EV that fits your needs.

If you plan to charge at home, you may need to install a charging station. Check for any available subsidies or support schemes from local councils or energy suppliers.

Familiarise yourself with planning longer trips that require mid-journey charging — many navigation apps can help you locate charging stations and plan efficient routes. This extra research will help you settle into life driving an EV.


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